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Welcome to SIB Leiden!

Date Activity Organizer/speaker Location Time
Wed 24 May Instituut Clingendael negotation simulation (in Dutch) Drs. Nils de Mooij KOG 20:00
Wed 31 May Cantus Board Odessa 21:00
Tue 6 June Visitation Ministry of Foreign Affairs Board Ministry of Foreign Affairs 11:00
Wed 7 June Drugsdebate Informative activity committee KOG B.013 20:00
Thu 8 June Philip Freriks | French elections (in Dutch) Philip Freriks City hall 20:00
Wed 14 June Margriet Brandsma | Duitse verkiezingen (in Dutch) Margriet Brandsma KOG 20:00
Fri 16 June Visit to the KMA SIB & JASON KMA 12:00
Wed 21 June Final BBQ Spaßcie Plexus -
Day (11:00-17:00) Name Function
Mon 22 May Carmen Massaar Internal Affairs Officer
Tue 23 May Kristel Broeckx Secretary
Wed 24 May Max Nieuwenhout Treasurer
Thu 25 May Closed due to Ascension weekend  
Fri 26 May Closed due to Ascension weekend  

What is DUNSA?

Welcome at the website of the Dutch United Nations Student Association, or DUNSA. We are an internationally orientated organization based in Leiden. Founded in 1947, we are the largest international oriented association and unique in Leiden as we combine weekly informative activities with drinks in Café de Uyl van Hoogland. Further, you can join one of our disputen (social societies) or take part in one of our committees.